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Forklifts were initially invented almost 100 years ago, and were once just simple machines which were manufactured to transport pallets from one place than another. Advanced forklifts nowadays, are presently available in various weight capacities, designs, load capacities and lifting weights. These lift truck units come with a wide array of ergonomic designs and enhanced safety features particularly designed for operator comfort. Perhaps the only common features of the diverse forklift selection are the tires utilized to move the machinery and the forks utilized to lift loads.

Counterbalanced Forklifts
The Counterbalanced Forklifts include Internal Combustion or IC Trucks and also Electric Trucks.

Narrow-Aisle Lift Trucks
Narrow-Aisle Forklifts are available in many units including: Turret Trucks, Reach Trucks and Orderpickers.

Pallet Jacks or Low Lift Pallet Trucks
Low Lift Pallet Trucks or Pallet Jacks includes electric-powered pallet jacks and hand powered pallet jacks.

Counterbalanced Trucks
The lift truck is the most common kind of lift truck and the most widely used of these is the sit-down, counterbalanced truck. A weight located in the rear of all trucks counterbalances the weight of the load and therefore ensures that the truck doesn't tip forward.

Typically, a Counterbalanced Forklift Provides:
Nearly all counterbalanced forklifts provide a lift height more than 16 feet. The most popular models have a lift height of 189 inches. Providing a capacity ranging from 4000 pounds to 6500 pounds is amongst the most common models. These types of machinery are offered with safety features like backup alarms and lights, amongst other items to ensure operator safety.

The counterbalanced forklifts are normally powered by either internal combustion engines or electric motors. According to Jeff Rufener, President of the ITA or Industrial Truck Association, the split is roughly 40 percent IC, and 60 percent electric. He is also Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America's Vice President.

To suit any of you material handling requirements, there is definitely a forklift available to suit your requirements. For use indoors, electric forklift models are perfect as they generate no hazardous fumes and little noise. The Internal combustion or IC models are perfect for outdoor, heavier lifting capacities and rougher terrain locations. Depending on what you will carry and be transporting, as well as the kind of setting you would be working in, there is the right Toyota lift truck available for you.

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